Car Accident Damages: What you should know?

Car accident damages include Medical Expenses, Lost Earnings and Pain and Suffering

Before starting to negotiate with an insurance company, you need to know what the law allows for car accident damages. Here are the major types of damages that can be recovered in a personal injury case:

  • Medical Expenses. The cost of doctors, hospitals, medication, and other health care providers.
  • Lost Earnings. If an injury causes you to be unable to work, you should be compensated for that.
  • Pain and Suffering, including Loss of Enjoyment of Life. Known as ‘non-economic damages’ compensation for diminished enjoyment is life is difficult to accurately evaluate.
  • Loss of Consortium. The spouse of the injured person may be entitled to compensation too.

State laws may limit the amount of non-economic damages that can be recovered. In Ohio, Revised Code section 2315.18 generally limits car accident damages to  $250,000 or three times the amount of the economic damages, whichever is greater. Damages are not capped in cases involving:

  • Permanent and substantial physical deformity, loss of use of a limb, or loss of a bodily organ system; or
  • Permanent physical functional injury that permanently prevents the injured person from being able to independently care for self and perform life-sustaining activities.

Different rules apply is other states.