Do I need a car accident lawyer?

need a car accident lawyerYou should weigh the risks and benefits when deciding whether you need a car accident lawyer to handle your personal injury claim. An experienced car accident lawyer will know how to maximize the potential recovery in your case. A lawyer can also help take some of the burden and uncertainty out of the process. However, attorney fees will reduce the amount of your recovery. How do you know if hiring a lawyer makes sense?

You may not need a car accident lawyer if you have a straight forward case. You may be able to handle the claim on your own if:

  • The other driver was cited for the accident and you did nothing to cause or contribute to the crash;
  • You needed only minor medical treatment. For example, you were treated and released from the emergency room and followed up once with your family doctor before making a full recovery;
  • The injury does not affect your ability to earn a living;
  • The injury did not result in permanent disability or pain.

If you car accident case does not meet one or more of these criteria, you might want to speak with an attorney to make sure your rights are fully protected. Once you settle your case, there is usually no going back.

If you don’t know whether you need a car accident lawyer, there is no harm calling one for a consultation. I never charge for an initial consultation, and am happy to tell people if I don’t think they need a lawyer. Much of my business comes from referrals. I would much rather have a happy non-client who will recommend me to their friends and family than an unhappy client who won’t.